Innovation means any step change, small or big, that adds value. Over the years we have worked with many academia, leading technology providers and businesses in construction and contributed toward innovative solutions that can lead to positive business outcomes.

Our subject matter experts are experienced in working with industry professionals and help them discover business problems, develop roadmaps to solve the problems and guide them throughout the solution development journey.

Don't know how to start your innovation journey?

Dzen have been working with several clients helping in their innovation journey. Our team of experts can collaborate with your teams and jointly develop an innovative solution to solve your business problem.

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Joint Research and Development (R&D)

Research and development requires collaboration with industry practitioners, technology providers, policy makers and academia.

Through our global network of experts combined with our deep knowledge of the construction industry, we have proven that we are a trusted consultancy to partner with for your research and development and jointly we can develop innovative solutions, be it process change, new workflow, new software plug-in or new product.

Through our experts network your teams can have access to the world’s best experts in the field, and jointly we can work on your business specific research and development

Innovation Guide

Dzen have been working with several clients integrating various BIM softwares with ERP and project monitoring technologies. Integrating various technologies require linking different technologies through technology specific Application Programming Interface (API).

Our network of experts can work with your IT teams and develop bespoke solutions using the latest API solutions for your business.

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Book your free consultation with our experts

Book your free consultation with our experts

Book your free consultation with our experts