Digital technologies in construction industry are advancing at an unprecedented speed, making engineering and construction (E&C) companies face tough decisions on where to invest to achieve the best business outcomes. These technologies present us a huge potential to improve performance of our industry and achieve better socio economical outcomes.

We have a global network of experts who specialises in various technology platforms to help you implement and integrate different BIM, AR/VR/VR, Digital Construction, Common Data Environment, Information Management technologies in an effective way.

Our experts have first-hand experience of implementing various software technologies at an enterprise level as well as project level.

Need help with technology implementation or integration?

Our team of technology experts can bring first-hand knowledge and deep industry experience to you and help you navigate through technology challenges.

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BIM Softwares

There are a range of different BIM softwares available in the market. Also, many start-ups around the globe constantly keep developing and introducing new technologies in construction. This rapid technology development makes it quite confusing for businesses to choose right technology platforms that can meet their long-term business needs in an effective way.

Through our global network of experts combined with our deep knowledge about the construction industry, we have proven that we are a trusted consultancy with a track record of implementing the latest technologies for our clients.

Application Programming Interface (API) integration

Dzen have been working with several clients integrating various BIM softwares with ERP and project monitoring technologies. Integrating various technologies require linking different technologies through technology specific Application Programming Interface (API).

Our network of experts can work with your IT teams and develop bespoke solutions using the latest API solutions for your business.

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Book your free consultation with our experts

Book your free consultation with our experts

Book your free consultation with our experts